How To Make A Post On Google My Business

Learn How To Publish Your Blog On Google My Business

Google My Business

Google My business is a feature that every business should have. It will help you to be found on searches on google in your local area and will give your business a position in the mapped area on Google. Having A Google My Business page that is completed with a quality description that tells the reader what you do and having photos to demonstrate your services or product is just the start. Google My Business also allows you to create posts. These posts can be used to update viewers on news about your business, promote exciting new products and help you to share content.

In the video above I quickly show you how to create a post on your google my business page.  In the video, I have created a blog on a website that I share onto the Google My Business page so views are aware of the blog and can click through and read more.

What's The Result:

In the image on the right, you can see D W Tree Services Google My Business page with the post that viewers can now click on read. Viewers can also click the learn more button and be taken straight to the blog that the post promotes.

Screen shot of DW Tree Services Google My Business Page


In the video I used a graphic that I created with little design skill using Adobe Spark but you could also use something like Canva too. I have put their links below:


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